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The government is open! (for now). How is the IRS doing?

President Trump came to an agreement to reopen the government for three weeks on Friday, January 25th.

Government workers, including those that work for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), will receive pay again as normal. But, Trump said that if Republicans and Democrats do not reach an agreement on the wall by February 15th, he would close the government again.


With the Government back open, many are wondering how the IRS is doing.

The IRS announced a few weeks ago that despite the shutdown, tax refunds will not be delayed. We find this hard to believe even with the government back open for business.

Monday, January 28th marked the official start of tax filing season and the IRS has estimated it could take them a year to catch up to return to full strength after the lost time.

One of the challenges the IRS faces is backlogging everything that they missed. The IRS received over 5 million pieces of mail during the 35-day shutdown, according to CBS News. The shutdown also delayed training for workers regarding the new policies under the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA).

Additionally, some IRS workers quit their jobs to pursue other work opportunities.

Despite these setbacks, the IRS is still hard at work. When contact the IRS for assistance or to follow up, remember to be patient and understanding in your pursuits.


Electronic filing has seen increasing popularity each year. Almost everyone is e-filing now. I still remember the day's when we used to paper file every single return.

While there are a lot of changes under Trump's new tax law, the IRS has said filing season should be "seamless" for those that file electronically.

Electronically submitting is the IRS suggested method for the best results.

It can get intimidating hearing the news about the IRS. We are here for any questions that you have and help you file for success! 

Chris Boyer

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